Bob Geldof hints at ‘Solo-Version’ of #BandAid30 by Sam Smith


Sir Bob Geldof has hinted that solo, individual versions of the  Single could possibly be released, including one by Sam Smith. Sir Bob was interviewed this morning on the Capital FM breakfast show, where he revealed that the stars involved recorded the entire song as a solo. He hugely praised Sam’s version of the track, and added “With Sam’s version, Ed’s version, you’re just going to go, ‘Wow!”

“There has to be individual versions of this, because everyone sang the whole song, and you’re just there going, ‘How do you sing like that?'”


Would you like to hear an individual solo version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ by Sam? Let me know! Watch the full interview segment from Sir Bob Geldof below!

You can also watch the official #BandAid30 Music Video below!

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