Ed Sheeran praises Sam Smith

Fellow British Singer/Songwriter Ed Sheeran has praised Sam Smith: “His success shows that the music industry is not dead.”

Sheeran went on to explain, “I think it still shows that records are still being sold so the music industry isn’t dead, because Sam’s sold a lot of records and is a new artist. It basically proves that the music industry isn’t dead and good music is still being born, and that good music will always rise to the top. As long as it’s a good song it will be a hit.”

The topic of the interview soon changed, where Ed talked about Sam’s newly successful career, where Sheeran suggested that the Sam should just enjoy it for the time being: “I mean there are plans to meet up and do stuff, but I think he should ride the wave of this album and not feel too much pressure yet to do the second one. The pressure will come a year after the first album came out, so come May he should start thinking about the second album, but just chill for now. Just enjoy it.”

The successful pair performed Sam’s hit ‘Stay With Me’ as a duet in Manchester during the past year, on Sam’s UK Tour. You can watch the incredible duet below!

Source: Digital Spy


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