Sam Smith Q+A with iTunes Music

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Sam took to Twitter today to take part in a Question and Answer Session with iTunes Music! If you missed the session, here’s a summary of what happened, and what we found out!

iTunes: Congratulations on the success of In the Lonely Hour. How would you describe the last year?

Sam: It is hard to find words to explain, but i would say, OVERWHELMINGLY life changing.

iTunes: Your #iTunesRadio Guest DJ set is wonderful. What new artists would you add to your playlist?

Sam: I love @JamesBayMusic !! I met him the other day he’s lovely, @george_ezra who’s amazing, and @broodsmusic.

iTunes: How was performing at iTunes Festival?

Sam: Such a beautiful evening. I love the roundhouse and being back in London all my family were there. Loved it.

iTunes: What do you and @asvpxrocky have in common?

Sam: WE LOVE COATS AND SHOES. They are the most important thing a man can wear haha.

iTunes: What’s one thing that fans would be surprised to know about you?

Sam: I believe in Ghosts lol.

Sam then began to take questions from fans, who used the hashtag #AskSamSmith.

@_allisterrrr : Favorite movie? song? food?

Sam: Four Weddings and a Funeral. Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware and Fish and Chips.

@caitlinsdoherty: Would you ever date a fan?

Sam: Love is love I guess.

@YesThisIsJay: What’s your ideal day-off on tour?


@jayssmile_x: Describe your fans with a word.

Sam: MY LIFE. (two words, sorry)

@onikaslaysok: What do you think about Nicki Minaj?

Sam: She is queen.

@reedusxgirl: Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Sam: Coca Cola, unless Beyonce is on the Pepsi Can.

@YesThisIsJay: Do you like Pizza?


@captionziam: Favourite childhood memory?

Sam: My birth LOL joking

@rubyloftus: What is your favourite song that you have written?

Sam: My new single ‘I’m Not the Only One’

@Nessaalovess: Do you know when you’ll perform in L.A again?!

Sam: I do, it’s a surprise x

@nilolikesclouds: Go to Karaoke song?

Sam: I think we all know the answer to that one hahahahaha

@cuteweirdo_x: What do you think about Demi Lovato?

Sam: Fix A Heart is me and my sisters song!! So amazing!! 

@_missml: If you were dying, what would your last words be?

Sam: See ya later alligator

@x_MLSC:  I can’t get tickets to see you in glasgow. help a gal out!

Sam: Now you have TWO!! DM me, all my love.




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