Sam Smith Shares Experiences from Hiatus with Capital FM

Sam Smith has officially broken all of our hearts again with his new single “Too Good At Goodbyes” which he released today. After doing so he, went on the air with Roman Kemp of Capital FM and shared his experiences from his time off. He touched on his weirdest moments, places his visited and the best parties that he went to.

The weirdest thing the British singer witnessed was in San Fransisco where he saw, in the middle of the street, a chicken drumstick on a wheelchair and the man who the wheelchair belonged to was doing his business behind a bush. I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go?

Aside from all the weird moments that may forever be embedded in his memory bank, Sam Smith went to Iraq during his hiatus with War Child UK for humanitarian work. Smith is truly an amazing human being with or without the mic in his hands.

But anyone who knows Sam Smith knows that a couple of drinks and a party are never a bad idea. Over his hiatus, Sam partied at Gay Pride in New York and Bestival. Smith told Roman Kemp ‘I would say Gay Pride in New York, followed by Bestival were the best parties from the last year.” And drinks, do not forget the drinks, Sam Smith “had all the drinks in the last year.” In fact, if Sam could sum up his break in one word, it would be “boozy” according to the Grammy and Oscar winner. And honestly, who could blame, he is a fantastic person who deserves to have a little fun!

You can watch the full interview here!

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