Sam Smith talks to On Air with Ryan Seacrest!

Just hours before the release of his newest single, “Too Good At Goodbyes”, Sam Smith called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, September 7, 2017 for a brief interview.  Sam was as lovely and candid as ever as he chatted with Ryan about the new single, the upcoming album, and life in general. 

I must say that for myself, and possibly many other Little Sailors out there, this may have been the first time hearing Sam speak publicly in over a year.  It was such a relief to hear that he’s been working hard, living life, and “feel[ing] really happy at the moment.”  During his conversation with Ryan, Sam spoke in general terms about the new single, calling it “uplifting” with “dark” lyrics.  Fans could probably already guess that the first single would not be a dance track.  Sam revealed that “Too Good At Goodbyes” is about a relationship where he thought he was “getting good at being dumped” only to realize later that “no one is good at [being dumped]”.  Sam did not give too much away saying that he “wants to let the music speak”, so let’s not dig too deep just yet.  Sam talked about being “insanely excited” for this new album, and that he’s “missed singing so much”. 

As the Little Sailors have come to expect and appreciate, Sam’s upcoming album will be “really personal”, “like a diary”, which also is making him a bit nervous and quite “sensitive” about putting his life out for the world.  He hints that the album will cover more than his relationships, and he “hope[s] people like it and relate to it”.  Most importantly, Sam let us know that he “feel[s] good in [him]self”, he’s “not too sad”, and just in case anyone was wondering, he “couldn’t be any more single right now!”  

Anyone else super excited about this new era?  Go check out the full interview here and of course support the new single, out now!  

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